Types Of Window Tint Films That Are Currently In The Market
October 6, 2018


Window Film

当我们听到这个词window filmwindow tint, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is for car windows only, but is it just for cars?

The answer is: No.窗膜不仅适用于汽车,也适用于住宅和商业建筑。在本文中,我们将分享有关window films.What are window films? Are they necessary and important?What are the benefits?

window tint

What Are Window Films?
Window filmis a sheet of specially treated polyester laminate designed to enhance the performance of regular windows. One side of the sheet has an adhesive and the other has a scratch-resistant coating. There are many types ofwindow filmscatered to different purposes. It depends on an individual’s preference, concerns or intend.

In our opinion, the answer is: Yes. To many people,window filmsare agood-to-havebut we personally thinkwindow filmsare mandatory especially if you are living in a hot and humid country. Sun damaging from UV rays is not instant and we cannot see it immediately but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In the long run, there are negative effects such as eye damage, skin cancer, furniture fading etc.


Differentwindow filmsprovide different benefits. It all depends what the individual is looking for. All homes have windows and glass. Unfortunately, they are poor insulators and they do not entirely provide strong protections against burglaries, uv rays, heat and privacy.以下是六大好处:

  • Provides Security
    大多数客户都在寻找安全性。事故是不可避免的,当我们知道自己一直受到保护时,无论身在何处,我们都会感到更安全。Security window filmswill protect you when you’re in your car, home or office.Security films不仅可以防止玻璃破碎入室盗窃,还可以防止自然灾害,破坏或意外损坏。Security window films有足够的力量阻止碎玻璃掉落,从而防止玻璃割伤和受伤。
  • Protection From Heat
    The sun’s heat can be brutal and we all can totally relate. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in a room all cooped up with heat. Nobody likes a sauna room 24/7. Heat and UV rays penetrate through windows which will cause damage to furniture and upholstery, sun burns and even worst, eye cataracts in the long run.
  • Reduce Glare
    The second benefit is to get rid of glare. Unfortunately, when the sun hits any glass surfaces, it causes refraction which can be pretty annoying eg: glare on the television and disruptive window views.窗膜有能力减少眩光,并提供缓解我们的眼睛,因为它可能是危险的,尤其是当你开车。
  • Prevent Fading
    Fading due toharmful UV raysare not instant. It’s a gradual process. We like to call it: The Slow Death. The sun’s UV rays are on a constant mission to fade your interior furnishings. Fading happens when UV rays and visible light continually hit your leather couch or wood floors and it begins to break down the chemical bonds of dyes. Your furniture will eventually deteriorate.
  • Improve Aesthetics and Privacy
    Besides all the technical benefits ofwindow films, if clients are looking for something that can improve the aesthetics of their homes, decorativewindow films是一条路要走。它们有各种各样的质地、颜色和图案。客户可以根据他们的个人和他们的房子的外观和感觉来选择。至于隐私,建议使用磨砂膜。它提供隐私而不牺牲自然光与百叶窗或窗帘流入。它也是更具成本效益的装饰和磨砂膜,而不是选择彩色,隐私或蚀刻玻璃,因为它可以是非常昂贵的。这些胶卷成本低廉,易于维护。
  • Lower energy costs
    When heat enters your home, it’s all contained which causes your home to be too hot. When it gets too hot, it results in expensive utility bills for the homeowner. Havingwindow films可以帮助屋主节省高达50%的能源成本,通过提高热保持和提供太阳能散热。窗膜will help improve your car, home of office environment by keeping the heat out and keeping the cool air in.
  • Start Enquiring Today
    Besides these six points, there are many other benefits ofwindow films. In hot and humid countries, window films are not optional anymore. It is mandatory. With our ozone layer thinning, the heat has become unbearable. Damaging UV rays such as UVA, UVB and UVC are causing negative effects to not just our surroundings, but also to our health. Prevention is always better than cure. Protect yourself. Your family and your home by investing in window films. You will definitely see a difference.